Inconsolable child

“Embrace the pain!” he says,
“Embrace the pain!”
“Throw away your cover and
be drenched in this rain!”

Ignoring his chidings, I grimace,
but I don’t admit defeat.
Battle lost after battle lost,
but his battle I won’t concede.

“Do what you will.”, and he does
with those sleeping tears.
They break the dam of restraint,
flowing freely after years.

“They wash it away” he says,
“They wash it the pain”
“Chipping away what clings to the heart,
till none of remains”

Such a sorry sight without
his rusty sword and shield,
Cringe with pity mixed as
I’m not sure what I feel.

“Can you remember?” he asks,
“Can you remember the conclusion?”
“Was it all peacefully dark then too
or was it another delusion?”

He is a blank man, a crying child,
Begging and pleading in fits.
I think to explain the trauma to him,
I recall, but only bits.

I give up, my shoulders drop,
I let it all out with a sigh,
Cross my fingers and I prepare
To tell another probable lie.

“The terrible all goes away
Till only the good remains,
The world that you had dreamt of?
You will see it again”

With eyes that were dripping shame,
Looking away, I cover my face,
I know he will mimic me,
I stealthily avoid his gaze.


Written April, 2013.

Salman Shahid Khan

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