Ivan Aivazovsky – Shipwreck near Gurzuf

So quiet and tranquil,
Gone, the storm, it was so shrill,
And all is still.

My ship, the body of my dreams,
So far above, splits across the seams,
A tragic scene.

Dreamless death calls,
And the mass of bodies falls,
Pulled like ugly marionettes,
Played like ghastly dolls.

Thunder flashes as I sink like a stone,
In the dimming light; I am not alone,
The dead are briefly shown,

Blinking eyes glitter all around,
Dying stars far below the ground,
Not one makes a sound.

Their deathless faces scare me,
I freeze bound by invisible chains,
I grow afraid of the breath left in me,
Of the scarcity of the light that remains,

I push— push hard, though I am bound,
Dreams fall like debris, all around,
I try but I cannot make a sound,

I shout but only bubbles form,
They could do little to inform,
Those up in the din of the storm,

I will fight the thunder, live the pain,
Face the storm, cherish the rain,
If I could but breathe just once more,
If I could but dream once again.

5:00 am on the 26th of April, 2013.

Salman Shahid Khan


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