The Envy of Venus

They who thought Psyche fair,

Come hither and see her put to shame,

For my love’s smile is the morning sun,

And beauty is her name.


Love is in her eyes,

Hair only wind can tame.

The inky sky penned in ode to her,

Would all be but in vain.


Cherubs come from Olympus flying,

For the women there are plain,

Their wings burn away unnoticed,

Her sight overcomes all pain.


Laughing and blushing and smiling oh so,

The skipping of my heart her pretty game,

Her eyes like cupids arrows,

At a heart relentlessly aimed,


That i am played on unthinkingly,

Gives me little share of the blame,

The wonders that I see in them,

A mere oracle cannot explain.


Salman Shahid Khan


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