Ghosts for Neighbours Part 2.

Dear Readers,

Hello again. Firstly, I wish to apologize for the delay. Managing to visit the house hit a snag as the owner of the house was not completely willing to let us visit the empty house. This did not surprise me much as I thought a house under construction was hardly a safe place to be. But as we tried to talk our way into convincing him to let us see for ourselves we realized that his reason for not allowing us in kept changing. At first it was “There might be open connections about, and I cannot allow young lives to be endangered like this”. After a little while it changed to “The construction workers might have left some dangerous materials about”. It took a little bit of talking to get him to finally admit that he was genuinely worried for our safety, but in a supernatural and spiritual sense, rather than a physical one. At that point we were more interested than ever to be allowed to enter and he was refusing us entry outright. It was after a lot more convincing that we managed to get his permission to view the house from within the boundary, on the condition that we do not physically enter any of the rooms, and that the watchman supervises our tour.

I went with a lot of other excited volunteers. But for all the excitement, I was rather disappointed… for the most part. I did not see any shadows. I did not see even one ghost, let alone an entire family of them. No shadows flitting across our view, no moving chairs.

I said ‘for the most part’, though, because I did see, or rather heard a few things which the rest of my fellow ghost-hunters failed to see and hear. They were too busy being excited and calling out the ghosts, while I was silently and meticulously capturing all angles in the house. I was left alone in each part of the house, as they moved forward to the next part, leaving me to see, feel and hear the house in clarity.

The first I felt was a gentle push to the side. I looked right and left expecting to find my brother -in-law, Ruffi, there but saw no one. I was alarmed, but looked down to notice that I had managed to avoid stepping on an upturned nail. I moved on, slowly now, still taking pictures. I will attribute this push to tense muscles and nothing else though.

The next, and more solid piece of evidence came from what I heard. Taps would open as I went past each of the toilets in the house, and close as I moved further away. I am frankly surprised no one else noticed, but perhaps there was enough wind to cover the sound. Perhaps, I was just hearing things.

And finally, it was the terrified face of the watchman as my tour-fellows called out the ghosts. He was convinced, completely convinced, that the Ghosts would hear us and come out. He kept telling me not to lag behind. Once he came to me and asked to ‘Please tell these children not to call them out to see you. What if they follow you home?…’

His face convinced me more than anything else.

And then, perhaps most importantly, I have this picture to show you.

I see you

You can come to your own conclusions.

Please comment and let me know what you think!

9th of March, 2014

Salman Shahid Khan

  1. my life said:

    I enjoyed reading your post…is there so etching in the photo as I can’t see anything x

    • Thank you. 🙂 Hint: Try clicking the photo and zooming in on the windows. You may see something. (Most of my fellow adventurers are still quite freaked out by this! 😀 )

  2. my life said:

    Ohhhh yes is there a face it looks like a women to me x

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