Writer’s note concerning ‘The Pet lover’

It has been five minutes since I finished writing the story, and published it. And I thought I was seeing things (I hope). Just beyond the reach of my vision, on the far side of the roof, I think I saw something move, twice. The laptop’s bright light has turned me mostly blind to whatever is behind it (it’s 4 am and it is dark!) but I thought something moved there. Like a black creature crawling on the roof. It’s quite scary.

PS. Power failure in the house. It is now pitch black. Sweet timing.

1 comment
  1. aura yoc said:

    That story pet lover was very interesting and let me tell ya, I felt safe reading it, seeing as how its 6 pm and still bright out, once the sun goes down ask me again lol. I tend to read, watch and imagine scary creepy things when the sun goes down. It happens. Stay safe!

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