Perfectly Normal! : The Ninja Awakens

As I walked into the kitchen at 3 am, and searched the walls for the light switch, I knocked something onto the floor. It made a deafening sound as it hit the floor but the strong plastic sound made me acutely aware that the sound was that of a solid plastic cup, and that it would bounce several times before coming to rest. It would probably wake the entire house before coming to rest.

So I acted completely on instinct, and dived towards the faint outline of the cup as it bounced away from me. Two seconds and several bruises later, I was triumphantly lying on the floor, the cup clutched in my right hand like a golden snitch. A few more seconds later, it was as if my ‘panic in the dark’ had never happened, except that the horrible throbbing pain in my elbow firmly reminded me that it did.

You may find yourself asking me ‘Was the pain worth it?’.

Well. Fellas. You don’t know my mother.


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